Supernova Novaleigh Glitter portrait custom art trilli trillilife glitter painting


The Special Sparkles initiative is inspired by a beautiful 7 year old girl, SuperNova, who was born with a rare neurological disorder-Schizencephalya. 

For each promotional glitter portrait ordered, I will create & donate 1 custom portrait for a child with special needs.


A few years ago, I sent a special portrait to a woman named Barbara in Colorado, which featured her daughter Novaleigh. I had learned about Nova through a  Facebook page called 'Supernova', where I had been following her journey documented by her amazing & brave mother. 

I was really touched by how much that portrait meant to her after receiving it, as I am with every experience of my art reaching people around the world, who have a strong emotional connection to the subject matter. The stories of portraits that are inspired by a loved one, are the ones that mean the most to me when creating them.

In my career, I have created a number of portraits of children, a few who sadly had passed, others who were ill or in critical care. I've see how much it means to their parents to have these portraits of their children. 

Also, I do believe there is something really magical about glitter in particularly in the eyes of a child. I've had young kids look at me with wide eyes, and ask their mom's if I was a 'fairy' because I am covered in glitter all the time! :) And I remember how sparkles made ME feel as a child, which is the whole reason I am making this glitter artwork full time now!

So, when I think about where my artwork can have the biggest impact in the world, I think of children like Novaleigh. I think about moms like Barbara, who have so much on their hands daily, that spending time or extra money for a custom portrait of their child, is much more difficult to prioritize. But it would mean a lot to them I'm sure, and would be very loved and a great opportunity to show these families they are in our thoughts. And the child, if old enough, would hopefully get to see themselves in a really magical way through that glitter portrait!

THIS MONTH.. (let's call it Nova-ember) for every promotional portrait purchased, I will be donating 1 portrait to a child for Christmas/Holidays*. 

(*Will only be able to create a limited number to deliver in time for the holidays, but will continue creating additional portraits into the new year.)


The child to receive the donated portrait, will be selected at random from a list submitted by the public

Hopefully, this is something I can continue to do past the holidays and well into next year, as I'm sure there will be lots of beautiful children's photos submitted for this project!

If you have any questions, please email me at TRILLI.ARTIST@GMAIL.COM (subject: 'Special Sparkles')

And if you are a parent to a child with special needs, and would like to submit your child's photo to potentially be selected for this project, please visit this link.

If you'd like to purchase a Special Sparkles promotional portrait, please complete the payment form below.

I will be posting updates on the donated/created portraits on this page as they are made. Thank you!


special sparkles

12"x16" CUSTOM GLITTER PORTRAIT + 1 portrait donated


(US$0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

- 1 custom luxury portrait, 12"x16" inch size on Birch panel, HD detailing created using premium glitter. (Shoulders up/close up on face animal or person, you provide photo.)

- +1 Portrait Gift:  additional portrait created for 1 CHILD selected at random from nomination list, to be gifted on behalf of you (shipped directly to recipient). 

Worldwide shipping is included.

Photo & video of finished product will be emailed for approval before shipping. Revisions allowed. Turnover is approx. 3-6 weeks.

You will also receive updates /photos on the portrait that has been donated to a child on your behalf!

Please keep your PayPal account updated with accurate shipping address. 

Email confirmation will be provided with all orders. 

You must email me your photo for portrait creation, after placing order to: TRILLI.ARTIST@GMAIL.COM 

All sales are final.