Refund Policy


Any artwork that is custom made to order, under the specifications of a client, are final sale. Please note that with every booking, a commission spot is reserved especially for the client and pre-production begins immediately, which includes scheduling, the purchasing/ordering of materials, and in some cases graphic design. All payments are therefore non-refundable.

If a client changes their mind about a recent purchase, they may contact TRILLI to discuss options, or a revisal to the details of their order. TRILLI is happy to respond to all communication from the client at any stage in the commission process and ensure all orders are received as requested. In some cases, a full or partial payment reversal may be considered within 7 days of a full purchase or deposit. However, TRILLI always reserves the right to refuse a refund request, based on what stage of the process the artwork is in. Artwork will by no means be fully refundable, after production has begun.


When artwork is completed and the client is satisfied, any outstanding balance is always required before shipping. If a client for whatever reason is unable to pay an outstanding balance, their order will be held* until the balance is payed in full. 

When a client is not prepared to settle the balance at the time requested, they may simply inform TRILLI of a payment plan, which TRILLI is always happy to accommodate. 

Tracking number will be provided for all shipments. 

*Completed artworks that remain unclaimed, (not fully paid for) with no communication from the client, for 90 days following the outstanding balance request, may be subject to disposal.

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to ask about it while inquiring about commissions. Thank you for your understanding!