Adriana Chechik glitter portrait famous porn star artwork by Trilli

In 2018, I received an exciting email from "would you create a glitter painting of her...or specific parts of her?"

SASHI-ME (2016)

Trilli Glitter Art Show

Making her first appearance at The Super Naughty Show, 'Sashi-Me' became an all time favourite among glitter and octopus lovers...

The adriana chechik story...

"...or specific PARTS of her..."

In early 2018, my glitter artwork caught the eye of AVN 2017 Female Performer of the Year: Adriana Chechik. The story of how it all happened is pretty epic, and luckily I can share the climactic moment with you all...

It started with an email I received from a guy named CoN. He is a host at and had a 'favourite adult actress' he wanted to inquire about glitter artwork for. I was already excited at the idea of making some 'clitter-art' for them, so CoN sent me something I was not expecting... an audio clip from his podcast, capturing Adriana herself, talking about seeing my artwork and wanting a portrait! 

Listen to the podcast on PDP here: [plays from 21:00-27:00 min] - CLICK HERE

Offering blowjobs for my glitter artwork is about as flattering as it gets tbh... 

And so... I poured my heart and soul into that labia & sphincter detailing, which took about the same length of time as the rest of the portrait. 

Last month, the finished piece was sent to LA to these awesome people, and they sent me some amazing photos of Adriana adorning her new home with her very own TRILLI portrait!

What's next you ask? Where do I go from here? Where CAN I go from here? I've made portraits for Paris Hilton and now Adriana Chechik this year, I don't even know how I could top it.

But I'm thinking its time for the 'BOYS'.

Now, should I post an open call for dick pics, or a Tinder based social experiment...??

Adriana Chechik and her TRILLI glitter portrait artwork.

Adriana Chechik and her TRILLI glitter portrait artwork.


The Todd Shapiro Show w/ guest TRILLI & ADRIANA CHECHIK!

Trilli on the Todd Shapiro Show SiriusXM

May 30th, 2018, TRILLI was a guest on SiriusXM168 Canada Laughs The Todd Shapiro Show

Also joined by AVN 2017's Female Performer of the Year, Adriana Chechik live from LA, we chatted about glitter art and the special piece I had made of her.

Live from the TweedInc studios Brought to you by Vanbex

Comedian Glen Foster Co-Hosts and is joined by NHL Network Radio’s Peter Berce and Artist Alexa Trilli.

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(Intro at 00:46:00 , then we are on from 1:08:00 - 1:30:00)